U.S. 2nd Rangers Able Company
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Rules and Regulations

I. Mission Statement:

To research, preserve and disseminate the history of the U.S. 2nd. Rangers, “Able” Company and the part it served in the Second World War for the benefit and education of the general public.

II. Membership:

All new candidates, after completing the year probation (training) and voted in, as stated in the bylaws of the Society, will hold the rank of Buck Private. All members are required to strictly obey all orders which are given to them by the Officers and NCOs.  Failure to comply will lead to removal from the Society.

III. Military Rank Structure:

Will be as follows, Captain; 2nd. Lt.; Lt.; 1st Sgt; MSgt; TSgt; SSgt; Sgt; Cpl; Pvt. 1st Class; Buck Pvt. Technical ranks will be achieved by those who are trained in a specialty. For example, Medic. Once you are awarded a rank that is your rank, until you, (1.) Are promoted; (2) Resign from that rank; (3) Reduced in Rank due to improper behavior, lack of participation, (requires a membership vote) (4) Leave the Rangers.

IV. Promotions:

Will be in progression only. Considerations for promotion will include Dress and Appearance, Participation, (Must participate in three (3) events a year with “ABLE” Company. These can include parades, fairs, movie debuts, local and traveled events), Time in Service, and Time in Grade, and a need due to increase of membership. A Promotion Board will be established by the 1st Sgt. for the soldier to be promoted. The Board will consist of three higher ranking soldiers of the promotion rank. Field promotions need not have a Promotion Board but must meet all prescribed qualifications. All promotions will be voted on by the membership.

V. Dress and Appearance:

Long Hair, Beards of any kind, or Long Mustaches are Prohibited. Hair will be above the ears and will be tapered in the back. Hair will not touch the back of the collar. Mustaches should be trimmed not to exceed the corner of the mouth or hang over the upper lip. Handle Bar mustaches must be approved. A day or two growths is acceptable at some events i.e. “Battle of the Bulge”. Remember we are portraying a WW 2 soldier.


Due to the nature of the hobby all must follow orders which are given to us. We do not want to see anyone get hurt. If you cannot follow orders, then this is not for you. The Misuse or Horseplay with Firearms is Strictly Prohibited. The Use of Illegal Drugs or the Illegal Use of Controlled Substances is prohibited. The Use of Alcohol or Under the Influence of Alcohol while Handling a Weapon of any sort is prohibited. The Use of Alcohol or Under the Influence of Alcohol while at an Event is prohibited. Non compliance will lead to DISMISSAL from the Society.

VII. Do’s and Don’ts:

Officers will be address as “Sir” or by their Rank i.e. Captain or Lt. All Officers will be saluted, at all times, unless told otherwise. NCOs’ will be addressed as Sgt. Exception, the 1st.Sgt will be addressed as 1st. Sgt. ONLY. Refrain from bringing Non- Authentic items to events such as a DVD Players, and modern devices to events. Wrist Watches should NOT be the Digital Type. Pocket Watches are OK.  Cell Phones, Beepers, must be turned off, and if need to be used, should be done DISCREETLY. Cameras are Ok, but must be used discreetly. We encourage the taking of as many pictures as time allows.

VIII. Chain Of Command:

Must always be used when in view of the Public and when at events with other Units. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS.